Monday, July 28, 2008

finally they come...will be on TV soon

finally, they came and i will be on TV soon. haha. . it was really a surprise when they suddently came in front of my house with camera and all the kru. Right after they rang the bell and i came out to open doors, they direct start shooting. i am very embraress as that the time i didnt prepare and wear short pant with my hair not in good shape. we took some shoot in front of house. i need to be pretend very surprise as i am the one selected by them. after that they came in dinning area which is the area that they were going to renovate. after interview and shooting, the asistant producer brief me about what will happened in this 2 days. we are not allowed to step in my own house and need to stay away for 2 days as they want give us surprise. we need to ask some one take care of our house. the next day, after they came, we moved out and stay at relative's house. these 2 days was very long for us as we are very excited and cant wait want to back to my sweeet home. Finally reach the day, we have to close my eye when enter the dining area while they are shooting. After we open our eye, wao......... its very beautiful. It like restaurant area which complete with new furniture, light and decoration. then we took some shoot at the new area.
It really beautiful and i am very thanks for tv3 because selected my house as part of their casa impian program. stay tune... i will be on air on 7th of Sep. i cant wait me on air... dont know how i look like at TV. haha... very pai sei..

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