Thursday, December 31, 2009

One Malaysia, Satu malaysia


No matter u like this concept or do not like,
No matter u love it or hate it,
No matter good  or bad comment,
Do u think this slogan will create big impact among Malaysian?
Malaysia Boleh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday my family (include baby) and i went to Penang Pesta parade that held around my housing area. One of the event that took part is ChinGay (Chingay is largely associated with a procession of giant flags measuring up to 15 metres tall, skillfully balanced on the foreheads and shoulders of Chingay exponents)


me: what is this? what they doing?
Baby starring on the people playing with the big flag with Malaysian Flag on it
Baby: SATU MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!
 (P/s: FYI, my baby only 3 years old)

Price of sugar and white bread increase start 2010

Government give Malaysian a 'GOOD' news before ending 2009. Yeah!!!!
Government will remove subsidy on these daily food which mean the price will be increased!!!!!!
Sugar will be increase 0.20 per kg while white bread increase about 10%.
What a xxxx!!!
i can't imagine what will be the price of drinks and toast bread in tomorrow.
Teh tarik-RM2??
OT toast bread- RM8??
but for sure, i will me more poorer starting 2010. :(
According to government, they increase price of sugar so that we will eat less sugar. What a good idea of preventative from people from diabetics!!!!!!!!
me: mum, tomorrow price of sugar and bread will be increase.
mum: Good. The Nxxxx want to step down faster ho.

Good Bye 2009

Another few hours 2010 will be reached. Suddently have sad felling. Why? One of the reason is i am getting older. :(
Anyway, happy 2010 to u all!!!! wish u all have a good coming years.

where to celebrate???

Monday, December 28, 2009

TED sixth sense technology

A great future technology if it really can work.
would u like this to happened and using it?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Loaf, Langkawi

I have been heard this restaurant many years ago and remember the owner is Tun Mahathir. Since we visit to Langkawi, my friend and i take chance to have a pleasure dinner at there. The Loaf located at Telaga Harbour, Langkawi that have beautiful marina with Adaman Sea. The Loaf is a must place to visit if u having holiday at Langkawi. It is nice experience!!!!!!

The Loaf is a baking concept in Malaysia but based upon traditional Japanese techniques. Japanese baking was evolved over many centuries and now these delicious premium breads and pastries are available in Malaysia. All items produced in The Loaf are made daily from the finest imported and local ingredients. Starts the day with the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee and tasty breads and pastries hot from The Loaf's ovens. Afternoon teas are also a specialty of The Loaf and a full a la carte menu is offered for dine in lunch and dinners.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!!!
Another year of Christmas soon be arrived.
I think everybody now celebrating with joys with their family members and dear friends.
Does u have Christmas tree at house with colorful decorations, presents under the tree??
i don't have it but i have a little small small Christmas tree.

i don't have Christmas present but i have virtually Christmas present. Wonder what is that....
i got present from Facebook, Farm Ville. i got not 1 but 20 presents send by friends. Although is virtual but i still happy..
Merry Christmas to u all....................................

Friday, December 18, 2009


nice movie.
recommend to watch.

p/s: i got AVATAR poster. who want!!!!!!