Thursday, September 11, 2008

Air Asia Citi Bank credit card - yeah....received free 2GB MP3 player

hehe.. today i received free MP3 player from Citi Bank for applying new Air Asia Citi Bank credit card. I found this promotion at Citi Bank website when i browse through Citi Bank website accidently. Hehe. When u apply online, u will get extra RM10 Air Asia voucher. Here is some feature: 2GB (can store 450 songs), FM radio, voice recording and can enjoy up to 27 hours of music play time. Although the offer period stated is until 31 August but the officer told me it have been extened until September. If u want further details, can call to Citi Bank to clarrify. Please act fast!!!!


Ah Beng said...

please share the link

伟的分享部落 said...

i though u already have citi bank credit card. BTW, below ie the link: