Sunday, June 28, 2009

TM Announcement

Dear valued TM Customer,

In line with our goal of prioritising transparency in our business operations, TM wishes to seek confirmation of your agreement for TM to disclose your details as a customer (name, telephone number and address as provided in the telephone service application form) in and through TM Directory (including White Pages Directory and 103 operator assistance service).
If you do not want TM to disclose your details via TM Directory, kindly fill up this Confirmation Form and return the form to TM through mail before 31 July 2009. If TM does not receive this Confirmation Form before the deadline, it is assumed that you have consented to disclose your details in TM Directory. Kindly take note that all existing subscribers of TM’s X Directory will also have to fill in the form if they wish to remain unlisted. However no annual fee will be charged by TM after this.

Will u agree disclose your details in TM Directory?


Ah Beng said...

is this the one listed in the thick thick phone directory book?

伟的分享部落 said...

i am not sure but if not mistaken that one already include already mah.

Ah Beng said...

but if you reply... you need to give even more information... so what to do?