Wednesday, July 8, 2009

School Sports Day - SJK (C) Kelang Lama

SJK (C) Kelang Lama- a chinese primary school at Kulim. This is the second year i join their sports days since last year. Time passed so fast (i am getting older). Initially i wish to withdraw to join this sports day in last minites but not able to find replacement to replace me as volueenter, i need attend myself.
The most exciting and moment that i wait is to take part in one of the segment-games for parents and volueenteer. This year we need to plat GOLF!!!!correct is GOLF!!!!but is mini golf which play with hocky style and 1 hole plus we need to run. haha..
The best thing is my team manage to get second prize with 5 balls. 5 out of 4 is my victory score. hehe...

This is the present that i get.

This is door gift that school gave to us.

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