Friday, October 16, 2009

Padi Museum

Padi Museum
The Padi Museum consists of two main levels and a top portion accessible by a spiral staircase. As you tour it, you are given a thorough explanation of anything about with rice from songs dedicated to rice to accesories for padi palnting and harvesting. Even the grade of the rice. There are several galleries with panoramic murals. The most facinating is the massive circular mural measuring 103 metres in circumference, and 8 metres in height, accessible via a spiral staircase. As you enter this gallery from the middle, immediately appear in front of you is the scene of the surrounding Gunung Keriang region unfold.

Entrance fee: RM3


JayceOoi said...

Hey, did not visit this place before. In Alor Setar, right?

伟的分享部落 said...

yup, at Alor Setar. Is a worth place to visit.