Thursday, December 31, 2009

Price of sugar and white bread increase start 2010

Government give Malaysian a 'GOOD' news before ending 2009. Yeah!!!!
Government will remove subsidy on these daily food which mean the price will be increased!!!!!!
Sugar will be increase 0.20 per kg while white bread increase about 10%.
What a xxxx!!!
i can't imagine what will be the price of drinks and toast bread in tomorrow.
Teh tarik-RM2??
OT toast bread- RM8??
but for sure, i will me more poorer starting 2010. :(
According to government, they increase price of sugar so that we will eat less sugar. What a good idea of preventative from people from diabetics!!!!!!!!
me: mum, tomorrow price of sugar and bread will be increase.
mum: Good. The Nxxxx want to step down faster ho.


Ah Beng said...

wow... ur mom is superb...
malaysia boleh, gula boleh, roti boleh, najib boleh!!!

伟的分享部落 said...

beng beng lagi boleh, paling boleh, terboleh!!!!!!