Friday, January 29, 2010

Penang Island- hospital

Just back from island.  Tired.
Since i am small, going to island is only 1 purpose, go to hospital.
Very weird, right? but is true. whenever go to island, must something bad happened.
Back to topic, just now went to island is go to Glean eagle hospital visit relative that been sent to ICU since 2 days ago. He just done an heart operation and now in  stabilize but still warded in ICU. While waiting outside ICU, there are a lot of people around there. I saw a couple husband and wife hug together and the wife seems like very blur. They just sit not far away from me. Suddenly the wife wake up and go to corner followed by his husband. The wife cried so loud and they hug each others. i wonder why the wife in such condition. After some moment, a doctor came out and have some discussion with them. The ICU door open and a bed trolley with a small girl carried out by nurse to the operation room. The girl is in coma and that is their daughter!!!! now i understand why the wife cried so loud.
Pitty for the mum and dad. Although i didn't knew them but hope that the girl will be fine after the operation.
let's pray for them.....