Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Sire Museum Restaurant

Location King Street, Penang
Located along King Street (opposite the new Great Eastern building and across the road from Dewan Sri Pinang).
4 King Street, 10200 Penang.
Cuisine Western

Located along King Street (opposite the new Great Eastern building and across the road from Dewan Sri Pinang) is this elegant, charming restaurant serving ‘the best of Old & New World Cuisine’.
*Sire’ lulls one into reminiscing of the old English days when one with power and authority were addressed as such.*

I have a small gathering with my friend that not seen him since form 3. He came as far as Johor to vistit his 'old friend' We round around island and accidently saw this restaurent. We stoped by and go in. I immediately fell in love with the interior. High ceilings all done up in white giving it an airy spacious feeling. Dotted with blossoms and blossoms of flowers, framed artwork and stained glass.

Looking at its simple white facade, one couldn’t possibly have guessed the treasures it holds within its deep enclaves. As I moved around in the restaurant, I was invited to have a look upstairs by my friend. They have a small little mezzanine floor which holds a few tables. Thinking I had seen it all, I was puzzled about the invitation. But I looked up from the mezzanine and discovered another flight of stairs and that started my journey through the Museum part of the restaurant. I found my way up tiny staircases, revealing rooms which held old antiques and letters. And came down spiral staircases to old grand pianos, a water feature and large airy living rooms. Enthralled by its beauty, I was told that this was the first house the late tycoon Yeap Chor Ee stayed in. And all these antiques belonged to him and his family.

It is worth to get in not only food but with a free trip to a muzuem.


Ah Beng said...

i had decided where to celebrate my birthday d. Pls reserve one table there... thanks.

伟的分享部落 said...

haha. not suppose birthday boy treat?

Ah Beng said...

i prefer to have a bday treat as bday gift... :)